You Might Like These Striped Corys in Your Aquarium

Throughout my career, I have interacted with different clients who stock fish in their office or home aquariums. As such, I’ve come to appreciate the different types of ornamental fish God created for mans pleasure. The Cory is one of my favorites. These armored fish come in a variety of colors and sizes. Despite their small size where catfish bait isn’t needed to capture them, they have spiked fins some of which contain mild venom.

I’m particularly drawn towards the striped Corys. They provide a blend of color to any aquarium any aquarist will appreciate. If you are interested in striped Corys for your office or home aquarium, here are some of my favorite species.

Skunk Cory

Originating from the waters in the upper Amazon in the countries of Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador, the skunk Cory is one of the popular striped cats found in aquariums. It’s so named not because it emits a stinky gas for protection but due to its resemblance to the skunk. Its creamy white body (at times gold tinge) spots two black stripes that run from the mouth, over the eyes and arches at the back. It lives in shoals of around 6 in the aquarium. It grows to lengths of about 2 inches and thrives among smaller or mid size fish.

This cat possesses the unique ability of being able to draw oxygen directly from the water surface. This is more or less a survival tactic especially if the aquarium has low oxygen levels.

Bandit Cory

This species possesses just one stripe which is quite unique. While most striped Corys posses stripes that run along their bodies, the bandit Cory possesses one black stripe that runs from one eye to the other over the head hence its name. This species originates from the tropical waters of Columbia and grows to up to 2 inches in length at adulthood. The beige body possesses colorless fins. The dorsal fin however has up to two thirds of its bottom covered with a black tinge. It will live peacefully among other small to medium size fish species including Corys.

Three stripe Cory

Also known as the trilineatus Cory, it originates from the tropical waters of Peru, Brazil and Colombia. This Cory has a silvery body covered with spots. This is what makes it similar to other popular Corys such as the Julii Cory which is quite rare. However, its spots tend to join forming a maze like feature around the head. In addition, these spots tend to join forming distinct narrow stripes running along its body from the gills to the tail fin.

It slightly larger than the two aforementioned striped Corys growing to a maximum length of 2.5 inches at adulthood. It also loves living in shoals of up to 8 in the aquarium.

When deciding to stock striped Cory catfish, a good idea is to mix them up with other smaller fish which come in blends of single color and spots. This makes your aquarium livelier.