Weekend Trip for the Family

It is very unfortunate for my two kids, Dana and Eric that they are experienced acne breakouts during their adolescent years. I said the term unfortunate because I did not experience it back in my day. It is a bit puzzling because my family and my wife’s family does not have much history about acne breakouts. My wife, Katie remembered that she experienced a scalp acne once in her life and it was gone in just a week. I told my wife that what our kids are having are not normal because they are big, unsightly, nodular acnes. We both agreed that we really needed to have our kids examined by a trained professional. I told our kids about it and I am glad that they agree about it. My kids shared that some of their classmates are teasing them about their acne. My wife and I assured our kids that once they are treated by a dermatologist; their acne would go away gradually.

I still remember when my wife called the dermatologist and she booked our kids’ appointment that coming weekend, so that they do not have the need to be absent at school. She reminded me about the appointment and I should not miss it. I laughed and told my wife that I am going to file a leave of absence this weekend and I assure her that I would come with them for our kid’s consult with the doctor.

I went off to work and I told my best friend, Rico about my kid’s appointment. I am so happy that he understands my kid’s situation because his kid has also experienced the same teasing when his kid had big acne breakouts on his face. I told him that I hope that my kids would be treated as soon as possible because I do not want them to suffer self-esteem and self-image issues at a very young age and Rico agreed with me.

Weekend came and my wife is so glad that I am able to come with them at the clinic. I asked my kids if they are excited and they told me that they are a bit nervous about the treatment. I told them that they should not be worried so much because the doctor would just examine them and then she will tell us about the available treatments possible.

In just a few minutes, my kids’ names are finally called and then we went inside the clinic. The doctor greeted us and she introduced herself as Dr. Henderson. She asked about what brought my kids into her clinic and my wife told her about their acne breakouts. She examined our kids’ acne and she told us that since they are just young, she would just clean their faces with mild cleansers and then, they would need to put topical antibiotics on their acne two times a day until they become dry. I asked about how long will the treatment last and she said that with my kids’ case, it would take them three weeks to a month.