That Itchy Feeling

dog park

My two kids love their pets so much. When they were young, they used to have a dog each. They loved their pets deeply, as they often stroll to the park with their dogs with me. Every weekend, we did a routine of socializing their pets with other dogs from the community, so that they would not be so aggressive towards other dogs. During weekends, my wife and I made it as family bonding time, as my wife always brought snacks and it would appear as a picnic at the park. My kid’s dogs have been enjoying their time, as they always have exhausted their energy every weekend with playing with other dogs.

One time when we came home from the dog park, my kids noticed that their dogs have been itching around their neck and ear area. They thought that the dogs just needed to take a bath, but after bathing them, they still had the penchant to scratch themselves. My kids told me about the dog’s symptoms and I said that they must have gotten it from the other dogs from the park. I told my kids that we should go to the veterinarian, as soon as possible before their condition gets worse.

I told my wife about it and asked her a favor to call the veterinarian to book an appointment this afternoon. She had done it right away and she told me that our dogs are booked for 3pm. My kids were so glad about the appointment and they thanked their mom and me for the immediate response. I reminded our kids to keep track of our dogs’ activities, so we would know if it is getting worse and our kids agreed.

We went to the clinic early. In just a few minutes of waiting, the doctor came out and asked us to come inside his clinic. He asked about what made us brought our dogs to his clinic and we told him about the itching symptoms around the neck and ear area. He examined the dog’s ears and skin carefully and he told us that it looks like a yeast allergy, but he still needs a confirmation, so he got a cotton swab from the dogs’ ears for him to study. In the meantime, he prescribed our dogs some allergy medicine for dogs to alleviate the itching symptoms. He added that the dogs would feel a bit drowsy and it is just normal because it is a common side effect of antihistamines. Before we go out of the clinic, he reminded us to isolate them from other pets that we have. My son asked him if he could still stroll around with his dog and the doctor told him that he could, but he needs to avoid contact of his dog with other dogs because he does not want the disease to spread around our community. We all thanked the doctor and we told him that we would come back in a week for a follow up check-up.