About Dry Scalp and Possible Remedies

A friend of mine usually experiences seasonal drying of the scalp. His job requires that he spends lots of time working outdoors which exposes his scalp to the elements. The condition usually becomes more prominent during winter. Before finding the right product for his dry scalp, he had tried out countless over the counter creams and gels which seemed to aggravate the condition even further. Interestingly, the product he uses is a home based remedy he discovered after searching the internet. But ill look at that later after discussing the condition commonly referred to as dry scalp.

What is dry scalp?

The scalp forms the foundation of your head hair. As such, it is home to millions of hair follicles which root the hair shaft. The hair follicles are also responsible for the production of oils which keep the skin and hair healthy. Dry scalp occurs when the hair follicles don’t produce enough oils to keep the skin moisturized. This can happen if the follicles are damaged or, the oil production process is negatively affected.

What can cause dry scalp?

There are varying factors which can cause hair follicles to underperform. Some of these include the following. The use of everyday cosmetics and shampoos can negatively affect the hair follicle. Harsh products strip the scalp of its oils and, can also cause considerable damage to the hair follicle. Another factor that can cause damage to the hair follicle or deplete the scalp off its oils is the weather elements. Staying out in the sun for long or harsh winter conditions are known to dehydrate the skin leading to dryness. Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis affecting the scalp can also cause damage to the hair follicle. Dry scalp can also be caused by hair treatment, dyeing and use of heat to straighten and curl hair.

What are the symptoms of dry scalp?

Scalp dryness is usually accompanied by itchiness and production of flaky skin which comprises dead skin cells. It shouldn’t be confused with dandruff which is caused by a fungus. Constant itching can result in scabs on scalp which can increase chances of infections on the scalp.

Can the condition be prevented?

Yes, scalp dryness can be prevented. By avoiding the factors that cause scalp dryness, you increase chances of preventing it.

Dry scalp remedies

If you have dry scalp, you can try out some of the remedies outlined below.

First, you can use over the counter products such as creams and gels designed to moisturize the scalp. Ensure to find products which contain ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamins E and B as these are essential to normal skin functioning.

Vinegar is one of the most popular home remedies for dry scalp. It’s the product of choice for my buddy. Vinegar contains antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties which help relieve pain and prevent chances of infection in case the skin is broken when scratched. It also returns the skin to normal pH promoting proper functioning of the hair follicles. Simply dilute vinegar with water and apply in on the scalp. After 10 minutes wash it off.