Hi all! My name is Brian Preston. I reside in Denver, Colorado. My family and I love living here. I grew up in Denver, Colorado and there is no other place I like to call home. I am a family man who loves his family. My lovely wife of 20 years and I are blessed with 2 lovely boys. They are now both in college and always making us proud parents each and every single day. I am a better man because of my wife and kids. I try to be involved in my boys’ lives whether it is soccer practice or helping them getting ready for prom. I remembered helping them shop for flowers for their dates or picking out their tuxedos. Those were the days and I would not trade those memories for the either world. Also, I always pay special attention to my wife every day by telling her how much I love her and that she means the world to me. She is my best friend and my rock. I cannot image being with anyone else besides her. I think my love for family is always what made me become a church man. I am an independent writer and love to write about anything but I do specialize in writing about religion. I also provide support on my free time and encourage people who needs help with publishing their work.